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“From the start, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was apprehensive to work with a coach who was not a part of my operation. I knew that I wanted to continue being successful so I decided to approach coaching with an open mind. After the first coaching session it became clear that independent coaching could contribute positively to me and my business. I took the leap and in 5 weeks I started to see results.  An Executive Coach worked with me on what were the best methods for effective communication that fit my business style and goals.  The results, though an ongoing process, became quite clear.  Prior to working with Payonk Consulting, LLC I thought my communication was very effective.  After working with a coach, I recognized improved and productive interaction with my employees and clients.

The result was an increase in the number of business prospects, improved employee and client relations. The business exceeded our financial goals.  In retrospect, it became clear what Rose Ann (my Executive Coach) at Payonk Consulting can do.  Clearly, her skills are an asset for business.  She possesses an unassuming hidden skill that I highly recommend.”

Bill Sheehan
NW Systems, Inc.

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“Prior to working with Payonk Consulting, LLC I felt that my business lacked a clear direction.  In effect, I felt I had to micromanage every aspect of the operation to effectively provide long-term direction. After working with an Executive Coach for about a month, it became evident that to be an effective leader I would need to step back from the day-to-day operations, learn how to delegate more effectively, and become a true leader of my company. This was accomplished by providing leadership and direction to several key employees that were being hindered by my daily directives.

When the coach and I first met I presented what I thought the issues were that hindering my business. In the end it was the coach’s objective, non-biased coaching that provided me with a new perspective on several key issues regarding my own involvement with my business. These suggestions ultimately helped take us out of the “rut” that my business was in and allowed us to move to the next level of success. Payonk Consulting, has a way to seamlessly enhance leadership skills to improve business results, I strongly recommend them.”

Dan Lehr 
Palestra Fitness Group

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“I have had the privilege of meeting with Rose Ann both on a personal level as well as seeing her as a key note speaker. Rose Ann has a way of instilling self-improvement values that have been instrumental in my professional career. She has provided guidance in team building, helping to add a strategic perspective on plans and goals, she offers insight on how to utilize the potential of all members of my team. She reminds you that what may seem impossible is indeed possible. I’ve watched her transition from a one on one coaching session to a large group and seamlessly delivers a similar message tailored to the group she is presenting to. I would strongly recommend Rose Ann and Payonk Consulting as a leadership coach.”

Tiffany Williams 
Private Client Consultant
HUB International


“I was skeptical about working with a coach because I did not want think a coach would understand the specific needs of my business.  I was going through some transitional times and a colleague suggested working with an Executive Coach at Payonk Consulting, LLC to make that transition smoother. Walking away from the first meeting, I was impressed by the way the coach listened, quickly understood the challenges, and made certain that my business goals were addressed when formulating an action plan.

The next several months brought unexpected growth and made for demanding times.  My coach was there and enhanced my skills while keeping an eye on the business goals we set. She guided me along a path to strengthen my skills, which ultimately translated into greater personal and professional success.”

Jeanne Miller
Write Connection, LLC

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