Our services are tailored to fit your organizational needs, they include:

Leadership Development

Enhancing one’s leadership skills takes time and commitment.

The interpersonal skills that leaders develop translate to personal achievement, team development and positive business results.

Leadership development can take several forms, one method that we specialize in one-on-one coaching.

One-on-one Coaching is effective leadership development that focuses on three key areas:

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    • Identifying your individual needs as a leader
    • Identifying the needs of your team
    • Improving business results
Results include improved
    • Leadership ability
    • Team dynamics
    • Relationship management skills
    • More cohesive and collaborative team environments
    • Business results


    Leadership Development Includes:

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Team Coaching and Development

Leaders and their teams are an integral part of business of both are critical in attaining business goals. Team coaching is where a coach works with both the leader and the team. The leader’s skills are enhanced and the team dynamics are improved. This is accomplished through one-on-one coaching and interactive team facilitation.

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Effective team coaching focuses on

    • Individual performance
    • Team communication
    • Achieving business objectives
    • Results of team coaching

Improved team communication

    • Leadership development
    • Improved team dynamics targeted at business results
    • Increased levels of performance
    • Cohesive and collaborative team environment
    • Increased degree of self-awareness and ownership of actions

Training and Workshops

Interactive training and workshops are perfect for teams that want to enhance team dynamics and develop leadership skills. 

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           “Back to the Basics” ½ day workshop

    • Over the years of increasing technology, e-mails and text messaging have encroached into the basics of our communication skills.  Businesses use all facets of communication. The millennials need to revise and improve on skills that have been diminished due to technology. This 1/2 day interactive workshop addresses the necessities of communication: the how, the why and the when.  Individuals leave with enhanced tools for increased effectiveness in the business and team environments.

    “Leadership is a Contact Sport” ½ day workshop

    • This workshop focuses on 4 key elements. It is an interactive workshop on the Ask, Listen, Learn and Thank/Appreciate elements. Attendees learn by participating in trial and practice sessions for each skill. This program can be tailored to executives, middle management, new employees and millennials.

    “Leadership is a Contact Sport” full day workshop

    • This full day workshop includes the ½ day workshop plus, skills relating to delegation, productive and clear communication, giving and receiving feedback and what to “Stop Doing” are reviewed. This program is ideal for executives, upper and middle management.

      Results can include improved

      • Personal communication
      • Team communication
      • Employee relations
      • Relationship management skills

    Power Hour Presentations

    “Leadership is a Contact Sport!”

    A 30 minute or one hour educational and engaging presentation that focuses on the key elements of leadership skills.  Each has either 4 or 6 (for the 1 hour presentation) key exercises that individuals can immediately incorporate into their business to start honing their skills.


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