weightsCase Study:  Fitness Industry

Business Objective: To expand the business operation

Services Provided: Leadership Development: One-on-one coaching, Live 360° reviews & Feed forward implementation

Dan, the President of a company that owns several successful fitness centers, is an accomplished visionary. His goal was to expand the business portfolio by purchasing additional fitness centers and turning them around. His challenge was focusing his vision in a way to best execute the strategy.

Dan sought out Payonk Consulting to team up with an Executive Coach. He recognized that he was in a difficult situation and, in order to attain the desired business results, he needed an objective perspective. One-on-one coaching provided Dan with the confidential non-biased feedback that he was looking for.

One of Dan’s many strengths and successes in business is his visionary ability. However, it now started to hinder his momentum to move forward. Through coaching and live 360° reviews, Dan acknowledged that he needed to enhance his leadership skills and focus on the immediate business. Dan took a challenging step by relinquishing some of the daily business duties and delegating them to his leadership team. This resulted in Dan’s improved ability to strategize and prioritize the business expansion. He was out of his “rut”!

 The combination of Dan’s visionary ability and willingness to embrace coaching resulted in improved employee relations and appropriate business expansion. The result was the purchase of additional fitness centers and increased streams of revenue.