discsCase study:   Software Company

Business Objective:   Improve employee relations and meet product development goals.

Services Provided:     Leadership development and Team Development: One-on-one coaching, Team workshops, Live 360° Reviews and Feed Forward implementation

This medium sized Software Company was in a place of growth and transition. The Vice President of Sales and Marketing had issues arising within his team. Jason, the VP, led his team for several years and was having difficulty understanding why such a cohesive team was not meeting their deadlines. Jason reached out to Payonk Consulting, LLC to help the team with their team relations and goal attainment.

After confidential meetings with Jason and the individual team members, they shared their concerns with their Executive Coach. What unfolded was an insightful dynamic. Jason had not been giving his team clear directions or a set of expectations about projects. The team respected Jason, but his lack of communication created uncertainty. As a result, members of the team were apprehensive to approach him. They did not want to seem confrontational or inept. This led to disagreements among the team and assumptions about what was to be accomplished.

After one-on-one coaching sessions with Jason, he took ownership of his actions. He acknowledged the affect his communication style was having and wanted to improve his leadership style.

Jason wanted to transform the culture of his team. To bring his team together, an interactive workshop on leadership and Emotional Intelligence was implemented. This resulted in the team members having the tools to communicate with Jason and each other. Through one-on-one coaching, Jason enhanced his leadership skill set and his business goals were attained.

Over the course of several months Jason and his team underwent a positive transition. They learned how to better communicate with each other. Jason was clear in his expectation of the team goals which helped improve employee relations. The team transformed into a cohesive group that submitted projects on time. This resulted in a positive financial impact for the company. They were able to meet their customer demands and grow as needed.

The business results were attained and the product line expanded from 2 items to 4 items. This result was an increase in product line profitability.