digital handBusiness Objective: Attain financial goals by increasing the number of new clients

Services Provided: Leadership Development: One-on-one coaching and Live 360° reviews.

Bill, the CEO of a thriving small network engineering company, had a financial goal which included increasing the number of clients. The goal was not being met and he realized that some internal changes needed to occur to attain the necessary results. He reached out to Payonk Consulting, LLC to hurdle the internal challenges and accomplish the financial goal.

Over the course of several months Bill met with an Executive Coach, for one-on-one sessions. The coaching sessions were tailored to what he needed and wanted for himself, his team and the company. Bill realized that he needed to work on several key areas to attain the financial goals. The areas were leadership development and business development. He realized that the best plans can be implemented but if his leadership skills did not improve, the business results would not be realized.

Success occurred quickly because he embraced the responsibility to do what was necessary to get results. He saw how his changed leadership skills positively impacted his team and client relations. The trust and communication improved and Bill was being recognized as a strong leader.

Bill was very pleased with the results of business development. He had set goals, a business plan to attain them and honed the necessary skills to manage growth. With the addition of new clients, there was a 30% growth in revenue. What Bill developed and was most proud of was his improved leadership skills and a better relationship with his team.